Hello World!

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Hi Guys

This is my first website, and my first time coding something. I am pretty exicted for what I am going to learn next. I got intrested in Computer Science after seeing my sister do some of her work/hw, at home. I also sat down with her and she told me what exactly computer science was. After that, I wanted to actually see for myself what it was, and that's why I took this class. I am enjoying whatever I have done in this class so far; from the different types of sorts, to encryting and decryting messages, and now coding. I can only say that I want to learn more, grow on what we have learned so far. I also look forward to our nxt unit which is making our own phone apps.

Hi everyone!

In the first paragraph I told you about my interest about computer science, now I am going to tell you about other interests. Firstly, I like to play badminton; I even tryed out to get into the team for it, and i made to the final tryouts, but I got sick that week, and was told not to do any heavy exercise. My second interest includes skating. When I was small I took part in a competition, where I ranked 2nd place. My last interest includes baking. I started baking with my sister and now I know many things about it.